Standard equipment

  • Rigid heavy duty construction, with separate table, ensuring low level of vibrations
  • Portal type design
  • Capability of one (1) plasma cutting head and up to eight (8) oxy-cutting torches
  • The whole system is extendable in length, without limits
  • Transmission systems through rack and pinion for all axis
  • Servo motors brushless type and digital driving system
  • Full conformity with EU regulations on safety
  • Cutting quality according to EN ISO 9013
  • Full PC Compatibility
  • Connectivity through local Ethernet network and/or Internet
  • Built-in diagnostics for the entire system
  • Dedicated industrial control, specially designed for cutting machines, including cutting tables, auto-nesting, DXF import, etc.


  • Specifications
  • Effective cutting width: 2000 – 4000mm
  • Effective cutting length: 4000mm up to application demand
  • Cutting speed: 10 – 8000mm (depending on the material type, thickness and plasma source)
  • Positioning Accuracy: ±0.15mm

Contact us

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