We wish to inform you that from 24 - 27 April 2018 the following trade fairs will be held at the Zagreb Fair exhibition space: BIAM - 24th International Machine Tool and Tools Fair and WELDING  -  27th International Welding and Anticorrosion Fair.

These two events are among the oldest projects of the Zagreb Fair, with more than 40 years of tradition and are in particular focused on primary and secondary economic activities.

As such, they are an ideal occasion for:

  • introduction and promotion of new technologies and systems in the field of machine tools and tools, various materials processing, welding, welded structures, materials, components, production and process automation (robotics, software and engineering), advanced technologies, measurement techniques, quality control and protection against corrosion,
  • gathering of professionals, direct contact of the supply and demand, networking of producers, distributors, entrepreneurs and investors in the industrial sector,
  • education, technology transfer and professional development.

In today's world of globalization, specialization and excellence are required for a particular activity, since the future manufacturing technology requires specialized businesses to help particular projects see the light of day.

The interest of both trade visitors and exhibitors to participate in this group of trade fairs grows year after year by more than 30%. Taking into consideration the results so far and the expressed interest for participation we can expect this trend to continue.



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