Standard equipment

  • 2D graphic controller, 8" color Touch-Screen, CybTouch8
  • Y1, Y2 independent hydraulic cylinders, proportional valve technology
  • Single-axis back gauge system X
  • Mechanical upper tool clamping
  • Mechanical lower tool clamping
  • Efficient, low-noise and accurate hydraulic system
  • Beam movement on two double roller bearings on each side
  • Strong and stable construction
  • Bending Force: 40tons
  • Working Length: 1550mm
  • Distance between uprights: 1550mm
  • Daylight: 400mm
  • Punch Stroke: 250mm
  • Fast Speed: 260mm/sec
  • Working Speed: 20mm/sec*
  • Upstroke Speed: 200mm/sec
  • Back gauge speed: 800mm/sec
  • Main Electric Motor: 11kW
  • Weight: 4.500kg
  • Dimensions: 2300x1550x2500mm

* Working speed is limited according to safety regulations for CE countries.


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