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The problem  
 What you design is not what you produce!
Why?   Because the unfolding and cutting process do not take into consideration every bending parameter might occur
(e.g. available tools, tools radius, etc.).
The solution    BG-Soft combines the BG-Soft Cut with the BG-Soft Bend into one unified environment. This way every aspect of the manufacturing process (bending and cutting) is considered, thus
what you design is what you get!
BG-Soft Bend is an application for programming and simulating Boschert Gizelis press brakes, used for maximizing production resources. BG-Soft Bend enables offline generation of bending sequences and tooling setups, with dynamic 3D simulation for checking collisions of the part with tools, fingers and machine components.

• Direct part transfer from SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Inventor
• Importing and unfolding of IGES and STEP 3D parts
• Automatic and manual tool selection based on material, machine and tool properties
• Automatic and manual bend sequencing with collision detection
• Automatic and manual fingerstop positioning with graphic control of every axis
• Automatic retraction calculation
• 3D simulation of the bending process with collision detection
• Native NC generation enables direct loading of programs to the machine control
• Comprehensive Setup Reports for the machine operator including bend sequence, tooling and bend-by-bend graphics

BG-Soft Bend enhances your productivity because:
• Faster design-to-production time with automated features
• Offline programming means minimum machine down-time
• Collision-free bending sequences mean reduced stock wastage
• BG-Soft Bend’s tool library is compatible with the tooling available resulting in ready-to-be-produced Setup Reports

3D Simulation and Collision Detection
Efficient Tool Selection
Bending Sequence Selection
Fingerstops Positioning

Setup Reports

Comprehensive Setup Reports include:
• Bending sequence instructions
• Tool setup details
• Product handling
• Bend-by-bend graphics


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