LB 13 KE Quick


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Hydraulic 2-station-machine for notching and coping.

In addition to the features of the LB 13 KE, the LB 13 KE Quick offers an extre-mely fast change of the coping blades. The main advantage is that the lower blades are housed in a cassette with the correct clearance preset which eli-minates time consuming adjustment of the blades.

Station 1
Notching with a fixed angle of 90°, features analogous to the LB 13 Standard.

Station 2
a) Coping optional from 3-30 mm, cutting length 100 mm. Quantity delivered: Upper and lower blades are assembled on a base with integrated stripper.
b) Notching optional from 15°-45°, cutting length 100 mm. Quantity delivered: Upper and lower blades are assembled on a base.

The standard equipment contains: Freely moveable foot pedal for triggering the stroke, holding-down clamps for sheet metal, notching amplification, stripper and plexiglass guard for not-ching with a good view.

Except steel and stainless steel, the notching machines of Boschert cut also plastic and grid material:


Station 1
Cutting capacity
(90° notching)
6mm mild steel
4mm stainless steel
Length of cut 225 x 225 mm


Station 2

coping 3-30mm width, 100mm depth
notching 15-45°,100mm depth
Power supply 5 KVA
Length 1350 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 1500 mm
Height of table 900 mm
Weight 1200 kg

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